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Name of Organization:Rock River Coalition
What is the purpose of your organization:To educate and bring together people of diverse interests to protect and improve the economic, environmental, cultural, and recreational resources of the Rock River Basin in Wisconsin
What activiities are you involved with?I serve on the organization's Board of Directors. The Coalition's main focus is citizen stream monitoring.
How often do you volunteer?10 hours per month
How long have you volunteered at this organization?3 years
Are there any special skills needed?Only enthusiasm to improve the health of our waters.
Are volunteers needed now?Stream monitors are always needed. The Board is seeking additional members.
Who to contact for more information?Citizen Stream Monitoring Coordinator:
Becca Dymzarov becca@rockrivercoalition.org

For Membership:
Eric Compas compase@uww.edu
Volunteer Name:Bob Hansis Bob Hansis
Name of Organization:Madison School Community Recreation (MSCR)
What is the purpose of your organization:The Madison public school board has a youth and adult recreation component called MSCR which operates the soccer and softball programs and owns 3 pontoon boats. The pontoon boats provide an opportunity for everyone to get out on the Madison chain of lakes. We have boarding ramps that accommodate motorized wheelchairs.
What activiities are you involved with? I am a pontoon boat captain and take people on a 1.5 or 3 hour trip. Each trip also has a first mate which is a good job to start with if you don't feel ready to drive.
How often do you volunteer? I drive every Tuesday from June through September for two drop in trips. These 1.5 hour trips leave at 5:30 and 7:15 and are open to anyone for a $6 fee. There are many types of trips and the boats go out morning, afternoon and evening everyday weather permitting. The boat dock is on the Yahara River just downstream from the locks.
How long have you volunteered at this organization? I have been driving for 18 years on various shifts but my current shift is Tuesday evenings. It is a challenging job and you will meet lots of interesting people.
Are there any special skills needed?It takes some skill to navigate the 15 passenger pontoon boats on the Yahara River and through the locks. You will have an opportunity for plenty of training from experienced captains. The basic boating safety course from DNR is part of the training.
Are volunteers needed now?MSCR is currently recruiting new drivers for the 2017 boating season.
Who to contact for more information?Chad Thom
office: 608-204-3020
email: cthom@madison.k12.wi.us
website: www.mscr.org
Volunteer Name:Jerry Rodenberg
email: Jerry Rodenberg
Name of Organization:Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources - Parks
What is the purpose of your organization:Provide the best outdoors experience in Wisconsin!
What activiities are you involved with?Wisconsin State Park System wisarcvolunteer opportunities.
If you like to spend time in the outdoors, interacting with other park visitors, and you care about protecting our natural resources - then Wisconsin State Parks needs you!
How often do you volunteer?See the current listing for 2016 season openings for the following positions at: WDNR Parks wisarcvolunteer

* Campground host
* Naturalist
* Nature Center Host
* Special Projects wisarcvolunteer
* Adopt-a-Trail

How long have you volunteered at this organization?We have wisarcvolunteering opportunities all year long.
Are there any special skills needed?Staff will train wisarcvolunteers.
Are volunteers needed now?Yes.
Who to contact for more information?Janet Hutchens
Friends & wisarcvolunteer Coordinator
Wisconsin State Park System
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
101 S. Webster St., Box 7921
Madison, WI 53707-7921
Phone: (608) 261-8453
email: Janet.Hutchens@wisconsin.gov
Volunteer Name:
Name of Organization:Meals On Wheels - Home Health United
What is the purpose of your organization:Meals On Wheels has been serving Dane County’s neighbors in need for more than 40 years helping seniors to stay safe and independent in their own homes by delivering hot, nutritious, noontime meals.
What activiities are you involved with?Meals are delivered 365 days a year.
How often do you volunteer?1 day a week, 4 hours
How long have you volunteered at this organization?2 years
Are there any special skills needed?Drivers license
Are volunteers needed now?Yes.
Who to contact for more information?Breanna Imse, wisarcvolunteer Service Coordinator
office: 608-276-7598
email: bimse@hhuvns.orgbimse@hhuvns.org
website: www.homehealthunited.org/meals-on-wheels
Volunteer Name:Paul Didier
email: Paul Didier
Name of Organization:Friends of Pope Farm Conservancy (in Middleton)
What is the purpose of your organization:Restoration and educational interpretation at a 105 acre Town of Middleton conservancy with 5 restored prairie and 1 oak savanna.
What activiities are you involved with?I am on the Board of Directors. Co-Chair the Prairie Restoration Committee, and serve as Grant Officer and government liaison. Many opportunities to meet people, share what I know about natural environments, conduct tours, and work with school groups. Nature photography, writing articles, and restoring prairies occupy the summer.
How often do you volunteer?Usually 4 hours per week. More in the summer when I can work in the prairies.
How long have you volunteered at this organization?Two years
Are there any special skills needed?A willingness to meet good people, share what you know, and have a good time doing it!
Are volunteers needed now?Yes!
Who to contact for more information?website: www.popefarmconservancy.org
Volunteer Name:Dennis Schenborn
email: Dennis Schenborn
Name of Organization:Olbrich Botanical Gardens
What is the purpose of your organization:Display gardens open to the public free of charge
What activiities are you involved with?I work as a wisarcvolunteer gardener in Olbrich's Perennial Garden. This involves planting, weeding, mulching, watering, dividing, removing plants, and pretty much whatever our Horticulturist needs done.
How often do you volunteer?Once weekly for 3 hours from April through October. You can wisarcvolunteer in the Bolz Conservatory which is a comfy 76 degrees (Fahrenheit, of course :-) this time of year.
How long have you volunteered at this organization?Since 2004
Are there any special skills needed?Some work requires special skills, but training would certainly be provided.
Are volunteers needed now?Olbrich usually can use more wisarcvolunteers. They have a wide variety of wisarcvolunteer positions
Who to contact for more information?Marty Petillo, wisarcvolunteer Coordinator
office: 608-246-5807
email: mpetillo@cityofmadison.com
website: www.olbrich.org
Volunteer Name:Bob Roden
email: Bob Roden
Name of Organization:Dogs On Call - a local organization Pet Partners - national organization that sets p
What is the purpose of your organization:Training, testing, and public outreach for handlers and their therapy animal. DOC matches therapy animal teams with southern Wisconsin assisted living facilities, schools, libraries, college dorms and hospitals to provide social visits. We give presentations for children's programs on dog bite prevention.
What activiities are you involved with?With my registered therapy dog, we visit UW dorms during finals week, are involved in many of the dog bite prevention presentations, and visit with residents at Wynwood Assisted Living in Madison. Some of the handlers have further training so that their dogs are Reading Assistance Dogs, and some qualify to visit in psychiatric units at hospitals.
How often do you volunteer?1-2 times/month
How long have you volunteered at this organization?About 16 years
Are there any special skills needed?Handler must take a one day course, and the animal has to undergo an evaluation every 2 years. Some facilities (Meriter Hospital for example) may have their own orientation for wisarcvolunteers. There is a one time fee for taking the course and a registration fee every 2 years.
Are volunteers needed now?Yes.
Who to contact for more information?If you don't have Internet access, contact Barb for a phone number and schedule of upcoming classes.
website: www.dogsoncall.org
Volunteer Name:Barbara Wolf
email: Barbara Wolf
Name of Organization:AGRACE Hospice. Locations in Fitchburg, Janesville and Baraboo
What is the purpose of your organization:Providing palliative care during end of life.
What activiities are you involved with?There are wisarcvolunteer positions including just about all areas of the operation: visiting with patients, gardening, delivering mail inside the building, receptionist, kitchen, office work, data entry, etc, etc. If you have an interest, they will find something you are interested in doing. I wisarcvolunteer in the kitchen doing prep work for the chefs.
How often do you volunteer?4 hours, once a week. Some people wisarcvolunteer 3-4 days a week. Whatever fits your schedule and AGRACE.
How long have you volunteered at this organization?One and a half years.
Are there any special skills needed?No. They will train you in the ways of AGRACE for the particular wisarcvolunteer interest you have.
Are volunteers needed now?Yes. They need folks in just about every area of their operation!
Who to contact for more information?Mandy Ford, wisarcvolunteer Coordinator.
office: 608-327-7163
email: wisarcvolunteer@agrace.org
phone: (608) 327 7298
website: www.agrace.org
Volunteer Name:Rick Wojciak
email: Rick Wojciak