The Association of Retired Conservationists was organized by a group of retirees from the Wisconsin Conservation Department in the 1960's. By the mid-1970's, the WCD had been combined with the Department of Resource Development to form the Department of Natural Resources, and the retirees group had grown significantly, met monthly for lunch and began inviting speakers to address the group on issues of interest to the members. Today, the organization has more than two hundred members.

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There will be no February in-person meeting.

Stay tuned for a Zoom call announcement.

Thank you for your consideration.

Happy New Year, ARC Members:

I think it’s safe to hope 2021 will be better than 2020.

We had a good January Zoom ARC meeting.  ARC member Mary Jean Huston made a presentation about the need to urge fully reauthorizing and funding the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Fund.  Stewardship has benefitted virtually every DNR program from forestry, fisheries and wildlife to parks and endangered resources, and it is up for reauthorization in 2022.  For that to happen, Gov. Evers needs to have it in his budget proposal and legislators have to be prepared to support it.  Mary Jean urged us to contact our state representatives with letters or emails of support, and ARC members at the January meeting voted unanimously to support reauthorization as an organization.

We have sent a letter to Gov. Evers. and Rick has constructed a very informative page on our ARC website under the What's New tab. I hope you will take a look and spread the word to your representatives in the legislature, on your Facebook page or social media, and with other organizations you are active in.  Favorable public contacts are powerful.

On February 3rd at 10:30, we will meet for another ZOOM meeting.  It should be interesting! DNR Deputy Secretary Todd Ambs will be our guest to bring us up to date on “the good, the bad and maybe the ugly” at DNR and to answer your questions.  Get that ZOOM app on your phone or computer!  It’s free. Rick does all the set up and to participate or listen in all you have to do is click the 'Request for an Invite' that is sent out before each meeting. 

Take care. Stay warm. Stay healthy.